Green_Sea_TurtleBehavioral Health Rehabilitative Services

A program that assists children and their families who struggle at home, school, or in the community with behavior issues at NO COST to the families.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (Wraparound)

These are home, community, or school based services for children and adolescents with serious emotional or behavioral problems.

"Wraparound" is the informal term for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS). It is a highly individualized family and child-centered service providing intensive counseling and behavioral management services to meet the needs of children from birth to 21 years of age.

Wraparound is normally a Medical Assistance-Funded
program providing trained professional support for children to reduce or replace problem behaviors with positive, socially or developmentally appropriate behaviors.  If your child has a diagnosis in the autism spectrum, then private insurance, if applicable, will often pay for services.


   How to receive Wraparound Services in Beaver County 

A parent or guardian who is having a difficult time coping with their child’s behaviors can inquire about wrap-around services in the home.  There may also times when a child’s behaviors at school or in a daycare setting will prompt an inquiry about services there.  If you would like more information about wraparound services, please contact the following agencies. 

  •  Beaver County Behavioral Health: 724-891-2827
  •  Mental Health Solutions Inc: 724-843-4647

You will be provided with a list of local, independent psychologists who are able to evaluate for and recommend BHRS (wraparound) services. These providers are also listed on our website.

1. The child or adolescent must be evaluated by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist and the evaluation must include the medical necessity prescription for wraparound services.

2. The family must attend an initial Interagency Service Planning Team (ISPT) meeting at Beaver County Behavioral Health (located in Beaver Falls, PA) to go over the recommendations and develop the plan of care regarding treatment.

3. The family must choose a provider. You will be provided with a list of providers that serve Beaver County. There are 9 total. Mental Health Solutions is listed along with our sister company Psychotherapy Services of Cranberry.  We are a Value Select Provider, having obtained the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.

4. The family must attend an intake with the chosen provider. If you choose MHS to provide your services then one of our staff will be glad to meet with you at our office or in your home, whichever is more convenient for you.

 The entire process can take up to 6 weeks.  If at anytime during the process you have questions, please feel free to call MHS at 724-843-4647.

                     FuncGardentional Beahavioral Assessments
Functional behavior assessment (FBA) is a systematic set of strategies that is used to determine the underlying function or purpose of a behavior, so that an effective intervention plan can be developed. FBA consists of describing the interfering or problem behavior, identifying antecedent or consequent events that control the behavior, developing a hypothesis of the behavior, and testing the hypothesis. Data collection is an important part of the FBA process. Often, teachers/practitioners use functional communication training (FCT), differential reinforcement, response interruption/redirection, extinction, and stimulus control/environmental modification to address these 
behaviors in learners with ASD.

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